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Old new illustration...finally finished:)

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Another go check it out:P

Friday, October 22, 2010

life is a beach...

another speedpainting, some concept of a beach

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Character of the week...
Yuki-Onna, The Snow Spirit

Yuki-Onna is a spirit in Japanese folklore and literally means "Snow Woman". With her extremely pale white skin she blends with the snowy environments, with only her bright red lips standing out against the white snow. Yuki-Onna is mysterious and beautiful, but also dangerous; She preys on victims to leech or freeze them, trapping them in icestorms or luring them around until they die of the cold. Some say Yuki-Onna is the spirit of a young woman who perished in the snow a long time ago.

Design Yuki-Onna!

- Remember the Japanese setting.
- Yuki-Onna has many stories, characteristics and interpretations: you are free to pick any of them!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Into the woods

New Environment of the week...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

CHOW 203 - Rosie, top student in Necromancy

Rosie, top student in Necromancy

Rosie von Kreuzberg is top student in Necromancy at the University of Dark Arts. This school has been around for hundreds of years and only the most talented students are accepted! With her talents and skills, Rosie could easily become the most powerful Necromancer in history...

Design Rosie in her student outfit!

- Setting can be anything; from modern age to high-fantasy worlds.
- Maybe she’s arrogant because of her powers, maybe she is very shy and modest, it’s up to you to give Rosie a fitting personality. Show this in your design!
- Age should be fitting for a university student, around her twenties.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

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Character of the week on CA-The Ultimate World Tournament

     Once a fierce assassin of The Black Desert Guards, now a nomad wonderer and thief through the Arabian Impire, Al-Lesath is known for his fast and surprisingly attacks that overcome his opponents.He doesn't fight for honor but for fame and wealth, that is why he uses every trick in his sleaves to bring down his opponents. From ranged attacks to melee attacks he uses a large variety of weapons to compensate his lack of armor, longbows, polearms, throwing knives and his poison coated scimtar are his primary death bringers but rummors say that he sometimes uses the mystical art of the Dark Spiting Cobra. He now joined The Ultimate World better watch out for him!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sea king

fantasy environment

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Finished up the pirate sketch...

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Last piece

this is the last piece i did but it`s not completley finished because my PS crashed and i only have this JPEG image left..


more from sketchbook


some sketches, speedpaintings and some experiments


Something i did for a pub

Environments and ...

yep i figured it out:D...the one with the axe is actually my first piece done in PS from a tutorial of Carlos Cabrera..You can see some of his works HERE